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Cruises are the perfect way to visit more than one destination whilst travelling in luxury and style. Indeed, with all the food, comfort and entertainment you could ever hope for on board, it’s often a wonder that any guests can pull themselves away to enjoy the sights on offer. Cruise operators are now working harder than ever to establish a range of fantastic destinations to choose from, so you'll be sure to have a great time on or off the ship. Here are three of the best to inspire your holiday plans:

Mediterranean cruises

Possibly the most diverse, as well as the closest to home, Mediterranean cruises offer a breath-taking variety of destinations. In package deals they are often divided between Western Mediterranean - encompassing countries such as France, Spain and Italy - and Eastern Mediterranean cruises - which often take in the coastal areas of Turkey, Greece and Croatia. In the West you can enjoy the vibrant party atmosphere of Barcelona, hike the scenic coastal landscapes of the French Riviera and explore the historic streets of Rome. To the East you'll be spoiled for choice as you sample the local delicacies of each of the Greek islands or lose yourself in the bustle of Istanbul with its myriad bazaars.


Hawaiian cruises

In contrast to some of the busy destinations along the Mediterranean’s coasts, cruises to Hawaii offer a peaceful and remote escape, ideal for those really looking to get away from it all. In spite of this, visitors will find more than enough to do once they arrive onshore – especially those with a more adventurous mindset. On the big islands such as Maui and Oahu, activities like scuba-diving and parasailing are on offer to those who want to take in the surroundings from a different perspective. Alongside its world-famous beaches, there are a number of breath-taking sights to see, from the summit of Haleakala to the crater of Kilauea.

Norwegian cruises

An alternative to some of the more sun-soaked suggestions, Norwegian cruises offer something entirely different. It is often said that a cruise through Norwegian waters is the only way to truly experience the majestic fjords and the awe-inspiring cliffs that align them. A dream holiday for those seeking out once-in-a-lifetime views, there is also the chance of catching the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, for those that take a route further north towards the Arctic Circle.

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