wanderlust wednesday: long beach, washington

I know this post is a day delayed (yikes!) but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to put the blog on the back burner! But I am so excited to share with you all photos from last weekend, so I am going to roll with Wanderlust Wednesday Thursday.

Long Beach, Washington is located about 4 hours south of Seattle on the coast. The population of long beach is just over 1,000 people, but i'm sure it triples in the summer with people coming from all over Washington and Oregon to play on the wind whipped beaches.

One of the funny things about Washington beaches, is the fact that you can drive on them. You will be waddling down to the water and a truck will fly by you! Despite the beach traffic, the beaches are pristine, wide and seemingly never ending.

Pilot, the most adorable puppy ever, absolutely loved the beach!

More photos tomorrow!


  1. it looks beautiful! did you touch the water? i went to a beach in oregon once and the water was freezing!

  2. Beautiful photos! That beach looks like it stretches on and on forever! I really need to explore WA more. There is so much to see and do here and I haven't really experienced much of it yet!

  3. Beautiful! I love my home state so much!

  4. Our weather has been so amazing lately it's been hard for me to stay inside! Beautiful pictures though!

  5. Wow, looks as if the beach could go on forever!


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