weekend recap: long beach washington

I  spent one night in Seattle before picking up friends and heading to Long Beach to try out surfing on the Washington Coast! We all had an amazing time and braved the chilly ocean water together! It was a hilarious attempt at surfing, but that isn't stopping us from feeling like badass surfer chicks right about now!

Also, the Washington Coast is amazing! I haven't been to Long Beach before, and it was beautiful! White sand beaches were flanked by grassy sand dunes and white trimmed/ grey shingled houses.

I need to stop dressing like the guys!

My parter in crime, Erin! Her boyfriend is on the same boat as my husband...it has been so helpful to have someone that can commiserate with me!

A photo I was sent from Alaska...Brian is obviously in his element!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! 


  1. I love your photos they're great. I've always wanted to try surfing but most surfing classes here involve the North Sea so I'll give that a miss. Needs to be somewhere a tad warmer lol.


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