wanderlust wednesday: paris

Because Fall is right around the corner, I thought today would be perfect to feature Paris because nothing beats Paris in Autumn...the oncoming chill is perfect for sipping a cafe au lait while wandering around the various arrondisements. Needless to say,  I love everything about Paris (well I think I love macarons the most!)

I've been lucky enough to have visited Paris twice, and each time is as memorable as the last. In 2009 my mom and I stayed in Paris for a few wonderful days. We spent countless hours at the Louvre, visited Notre Dame, walked the Champs-Élysées up to the Arc de Triumph, and meandered around my favorite area, Montmartre. On my first trip to Paris I woke up early,  went on a run, and ended up at the magnificent church, the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.  I just remember sitting in a pew, staring up at at this beautiful tile mosaic; it literally took my breath away. Even though each of these sites attract millions of visitors each year, did you know that Disneyland Paris still outranks them (even the Louvre) as the most visited attraction in all of Europe? I have yet to visit Disneyland Paris, but it must be wonderful to attract all those people each year!

When we visited Paris, it was already mid-November, and seemed like the perfect time to travel there. We never had lines, or felt like we were walking amongst hundreds of other tourists. The weather held out and most of the time the air was crisp and the skies were blue! Instead of feeling like tourists, we were able to almost envision what life would be like as Parisians. 

The view from our hotel window:

Montmartre is my favorite section of Paris, and the Sacre Coeur is my all time favorite church. 

Have you all been to Paris before?


  1. I've been twice - (and then Versailles.) I think it's a city I could visit time and time again.

  2. We went to Paris for our 'mini moon' in January and loved it! Can't wait to go back but next time there will be a baby in tow!! xx ps Your 1st picture is really lovley. xx

  3. I've NEVER been to Paris (aside from the airport) ... and this seriously needs to change. In high school it was #1 on my list. Maybe next year :) xxx

  4. Oh I love seeing pictures of Europe, since I know it is HIGHLY unlikely I will ever go there.

  5. I live in Paris and I love it!
    It's always lovely to see people who enjoy it that much!

  6. I've never been to Paris but I'm supposed to be booking a four day trip there in November with one of my best friends. Got any tips on where we should go? We're aiming to stop in Disneyland (they have some good deals on), but want to do a day in Paris as well!

  7. I jusr lived in Paris for a year. felt like a dream<3


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