week/weekend recap & photos!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! We a busy week/ weekend with Brian's homecoming and playing catch up with friends. This coming Friday we move out of our apartment in preparation for our nine month long road trip! I'll be sad leave our place and Seattle, but I can't wait to be on the road!

Making flower crowns in preparation for our friend's wedding! 
Jewelry making...
Sunshine and lake time!

Prepping for another work week! Did I tell you all i've been working road construction? (I thought it was pretty funny that my husband and I have the same shoes).

And the Ariel is back!


  1. The photos are lovely. How cute that you were making flower crowns too!

  2. Can't believe you leave for your road trip so soon! Can't wait to follow along :)

    And that necklace is beautiful... you should start a jewellery business. AND so glad Brian's home :) xxx

  3. Oh I can't wait to read all about your looonnng road trip! Are you flagging?

  4. ahhhhh! 9 months on the road?!?! so jealous. i need to hear more about it. i snooped through your old posts to see if i could find more info, but i came up empty handed. regardless, it sounds incredible! you better instagram your little heart out.


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