whidbey island wedding

Last week and weekend was a whirlwind! We spent the past four days engaged in wedding festivities on Whidbey Island.  The ceremony took place in an historic barn and the rain beating down on the roof only added to the warm and cozy feeling on the inside.  I can't even begin describe how beautiful the whole wedding was! We also rented a gorgeous house right on the beach and spent the past few days envisioning what life would be like if we all lived in a hippie commune together (pretty amazing!).
Anyway, it was a perfect last hurrah before we hit the road...

*Some of the photos are borrowed from my amazing friends via instagram:  _efg_  & Virginiamj


  1. I like the sounds of this cozy barn wedding.
    That hot tub looks like it was fun!!! Count me in!

  2. The ceremony looked beautiful. I love the idea of a barn wedding.


  3. That makes me wish my wedding had been more of an event, and not just a couple of hours one day. A friend of mine just got married on Orcas Island, and it was a weekend long and everyone stayed together. Sounds awesome!


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