introducing: the nugget

So today is the day we finally take off in the nugget across the country! We've been delaying our trip a bit in hopes that the national parks will finally open back up. Our first stop was supposed to be Yellowstone and then onto Mt. Rushmore, but it is looking like we won't be able to see either, which is pretty upsetting! And to top it all off, we were supposed to be in Wyoming by tomorrow morning, but they just got hit with 10 inches of snow! So lesson learned, never embark on a road trip in October! Despite the closures, snow, and tornado warnings, we are going to have leave at some point, although we might have to pop into Canada to avoid all this horrendous weather!

In the meantime, I wanted to show you all our lovely little home away from home...
Motorhome Tour from Brian Chace on Vimeo.


  1. That's annoying that the shutdown is putting a damper on your itinerary. I hope the changes result in you seeing some unexpected & cool stuff!

  2. The closet/bathroom is crazy lol


  3. oh, goodness! here's hoping your adventure turns around!

  4. Closet slash bathroom, now THAT'S romance! This looks awesome. You guys are going to have a ball.
    Let me know if you are ever near Toronto area (I'm in Waterloo)!

  5. Thats too bad about the parks being closed. A woman I work with booked her first trip to DC - only to find nothing was open. Hope the start of your trip is smooth driving!


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