roadtrip day 3: montana to north dakota

Casper, Montana- Bismark, North Dakota


Today we drove over 200 miles, spanning from Southeast Montana into the heart of North Dakota.  The drive was primarily hot and flat, and we are on our third day without showering, which means the nugget is not smelling too hot (or us for that matter)!

From the border of North Dakota we are greeted by a landscape that is totally unlike anything that i've ever seen. It is called "The Badlands," and is a type of dry landscape composed of soft sedimentary rocks eroded extensively by wind and water (thank you Wikipedia).  Anyway, it makes for a beautiful canyon like scene.

While passing through North Dakota, we stopped at a tiny old-western town called Medora, which Brian had visited as a child.

A little ways outside of Medora, off of Highway I-94, there is a detour called the Enchanted Highway, featuring huge metal sculptures. It was definitely a quirky site, but kept us off the freeway and entertained for a few hours!

Randomly, off the highway, the farmlands were blanketed in snow!
Now off to Minnesota!


  1. Wow! I've driven through the Badlands once and remember it being beautiful. That last picture with the snow is stunning :) xxx

  2. Yeah, I said this in my last comment, but I like the snow...
    You are proving how worthwhile it is to explore your own backyard. There is a lot of diversity in the US!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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