Road trip day 2: Montana

Day 2: Butte-Bozeman-Casper, Mt

Day two got off to a really chilly start but the farther east we move through Montana, the warmer it gets! For the most part though Montana is under a blanket of snow. It's beautiful but I definitely couldn't live anywhere that gets snow by the beginning of October!  
Around lunch time we took a pit stop in Bozeman. I love Bozeman and this will be my third visit to this little hippie enclave. We visit Bozeman's awesome food co-op and stock up in enough organic food to get us through North Dakota. 
We also went on a quick hike outside of town in the East Gallatain Recreation Area. If you are ever in Bozeman,  be sure to visit Revolv'r, it is a well-curated Men's clothing shop that topped any we've visited in Seattle, and they give you free beer while browsing, which is a bonus! 

By the end of the day we've driven a total of 200 miles and are still no where close to the border of North Dakota. 


  1. These are gorgeous photos! Looks like tons of fun... that beer-while-browsing store sounds like my kind of place. Might sound weird, but as I'm from the Canadian prairies, the snow gives me warm fuzzies because it kind of looks like home. :)

  2. Bozeman is on my must travel to list. Someday I will hit up Montana!

  3. I have never been to Boseman, my cousin went to college there though and loved it!


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