top reasons to get married on a beach overseas- guest post

(One of Ashley & Brian's photos from their wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)

I’m getting married next year so I’ve been doing tons of research. My biggest concern was where on earth my partner and I would actually get wed, as his parents wanted us to do it in a local church. This was never my intention as I’m not a very religious person, but I didn’t want to offend them and their views. After a long discussion, we realised we had to break the news to them that we wouldn’t be doing the church ceremony, and that we would be doing it on a beach abroad instead.
We figured that it would be easier for them to accept if we weren’t doing it in the UK whatsoever, and happily they have come around to the idea! After that, it was simply a case of choosing the best destination for our needs. So what exactly makes getting married abroad so appealing? Here are my reasons:

Stunning outfits

Whenever I looked in shops for bridal gowns, I was always drawn to the floaty fabrics. These aren’t ideal in the UK unless there happens to be a sunny day, but they are absolutely perfect for the beach. I’ve now picked my wedding dress - it’s a sort of Grecian style - and I won’t have to wear formal shoes with it either. I’ll be wearing diamante flip flops instead! White and blue looks so beautiful with the sea and sand in the background, so this is the theme for our special day. 

More relaxed vibe

When I think of church weddings I basically think of long ceremonies with lots of hymns and prayers. I want my wedding day to be like any other day with my partner - informal and relaxed. That’s why the idea of a beach wedding really appealed to us: a gentle breeze, warm sunshine and lots of laughter and happiness. We won’t be concerned about all of the timings, we’ll simply show up, get married, toast future happiness and then sit down with our friends and family for some food.

Delicious food

Unless you’re planning a wedding at a hotel that’s made it onto the holiday illness hotspots list on the On Holidays Claims website, you should expect some brilliant food at your reception. We’ve chosen a beach barbecue which I’m already looking forward to! We’ll be having chicken breasts with a spiced rub, seasoned sausages and lots of yummy vegetables. We’re ditching the wedding cake and giving everyone Magnums instead.

The weather

Of course, this couldn’t all be possible unless the weather was cooperating. This might be a problem in the UK, but in many beach destinations abroad, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be sunshine. This means that we can get a tan before the wedding day itself, and then have days together enjoying the warmth once we are wed. This really is the best choice for us, so I’m counting down the days until we get married overseas next year!

*Guest Post from Elizabeth Hill. She loves writing, travelling, and experiencing new things - life is worth living!


  1. Such a wonderful photo - you are a true beauty!

    1. Thank you Collen, that is such a nice thing to say- made me smile all day!

  2. The view is awesome, your outfit is looking pretty well and both of you are looking loving. Over all everything is perfect and beautiful.


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