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Road Trip day 26:

When we embarked on this road-trip, I didn't really contemplate the repercussions of sitting hours upon hours a day. Well needless to say, we could use some exercise, so it was nice to rely on our bikes to get us around. Nantucket in late October was a perfect place to bike. We decided to weave in and out of the narrow cobblestone roadways, all the while drooling over stunning "cottages" (aka mansions).

While we were in Maine, we discovered a delicious beer called the "Grey Lady," and came to find out that it was actually brewed in Nantucket. So we decided to go find the source! Bike three miles inland from the main town and you'll run into Cisco Brewers. It started as a vineyard and branched out into a brewery and distillery. The property is charming, with none of the pretense that sometimes follows tasting rooms. The bartender was two years younger than me and a local. We chatted with him while sampling pretty much every beer they had to offer. I'm not a beer person, but I am a huge fan of their beer! After getting nice and tipsy, we ventured over to the other building, the winery tasting room. We tasted wines with another nice bartender, who told us the grapes come from Yakima, Washington. Go figure! He also took us out back and showed us where they distill their $250 a bottle whiskey. He also let us taste the stuff, which was definitely smooth but probably more alcohol than we needed at that point. It was nearing dusk and after spending three hours drinking, Brian and I figured it was probably best to hop back on our bikes. After the first attempt to peddle, we realized we were both, without a doubt, hammered! Nothing beats a long walk home pushing your bikes to sober you up!

I highly recommend biking around Nantucket. Moving slower around the island gives you a real feel for the place and lets you discover roads and areas that are otherwise inaccessible in a car.  

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