road trip day 27: nantucket to plymouth

Leaving Nantucket was hard. Brian even cried. But we were on to bigger and better things...Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth, for those of you who don't remember elementary school history, was the first established colony in New England, where pilgrims disembarked the Mayflower and almost froze to death. It is also the site of the first Thanksgiving.  What Plymouth no longer contains is anything interesting whatsoever. There are no Pilgrims running about, no Mayflower (there is a Mayflower II but that's another story) and no wild turkeys begging to be eaten. The only thing that remains from 1620 is Plymouth Rock. And its history is questionable. It is really a big rock with 1620 carved on it. There is a guy hired by the city to stand by this rock and speak to strangers. He told us that the rock wasn't carved until the 18th century...and he wasn't even sure if it was the original "rock" the pilgrims saw. Thank you Plymouth!

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