road trip day 19: vermont

Being the healthy people that Brian and I are, we decided Ben and Jerry's was a brilliant place to grab breakfast. OK, we aren't that crazy, we ate it as brunch! The Ben and Jerry's original factory is located 30 minutes outside of Vermont in Waterbury. The factory occupies a huge piece of land and is perched upon a hill, overlooking the town. For a whole $4 we did a tour of the factory which included a delicious scoop of ice cream and was totally worth it! After eating way too much lactose, we wandered behind the factory to the flavor graveyard, where flavors of seasons past are buried. It was a time to reflect and place spoons on the headstones of the dearly departed. I was distraught to learn that chocolate peanut butter cookie dough died before I even got to savor the delicious peanut buttery flavor! To make matters worse, it was our last day in Vermont. While I laid on the ground pounding my fists and breaking into sobs, Brian tried to console me with the fact that we would be in Maine tomorrow and eating lobster. I stuttered, amid sobs, that I preferred ice cream to lobster any day.


  1. Ben & Jerry's for brunch? Well that sounds freaking amazing! Now I am craving ice cream...

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. Hi, am just catching up on your trip as I had a baby two wks ago and whilst he's napping this afternoon I thought I'd jump on blogger and see what I've been missing. Looks like you're having an amazing trip, your photo's are fab. Have fun and I look forward to hearing and seeing more!
    Faye xx


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