road trip day 20: we finally made it to maine!

Well let's just get the disappointing stuff out of the way shall we...the fall colors are gone! Totally and utterly gone and it is all the Nugget's fault! The impetus of this trip was to see the fall colors in Maine and we failed to do just that! I am seriously upset about it. Although not upset enough to lose my appetite. Brian and I cruised through Maine into Portland, absolutely crushed by the lack of crimsons and golds in the landscape and immediately turned to food for comfort. Sitting outside, near a harbor, eating lobster rolls and New England clam chowder, I began to feel my spirits lifting. Ahh nothing like being hangry (hunger + anger = hanger). After we settled down and came to terms with missing the fall colors, we explored Portland. Portland definitely pales in comparison the the one we are used to in Oregon. There wasn't food stalls, or quirky little shops filled with objects made from wood chopped down in someones backyard, or adult males with ironic mustaches.  There really wasn't much of anything, including people for that matter. The city was dead and creeping us out, so we found the nearest Trader Joes, loaded up on goodies and got the hell out of dodge. We landed in Freeport, Maine. Home to L.L. Bean and a large amount of outlets. I was thrilled. We spent the rest of the day shopping and the night in Freeport at an amazing campsite right on the water,  and our world was well again.


  1. I really hope you get the chance to make it up to Bar Harbor! One of my favorite little towns we went to!

  2. I love the last picture with its wonky cobblestone.

  3. Love that someone else gets hangry, my husband thought it was only me. Hope the food on your trip is amazing! x


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