road trip day 31: brooklyn

Your probably wondering why I skipped over day 30 of the road trip...or i'm hoping you've been paying close enough attention to realized I skipped it. Either way, day 30 consisted of a long day at Starbucks, hiding out from the rain. We drove from Boston into Providence, Rhode Island and spent the day vegging out and drinking coffee, which was great. After we were literally jumping out of our seats from over consumption of caffeine, we decided to explore Providence. It was shockingly great. I recently discovered that if I have an expectation of how a city or state is going to be, i'm more often than not disappointed by the reality. I think I make up these places in my mind to be a lot more exotic than they really are (aka Bali).  If I have no expectations of a place, then it usually blows my mind with its awesomeness. And that was the case with Providence. The city is filled with adorable brick buildings and beautiful homes. We explored around Brown University and fell in love with not only the university, but Providence as well. It lured us in with its quaint New England charms.  Unfortunately it was too wet to bring out our cameras, so you'll have to just take our word for it.
Which brings me to Day 31 of our road trip, Brooklyn. We spent the night in Providence and woke up the next morning to drive into Brooklyn. We were scared shitless. I mean who in their right minds drives an RV into the biggest city in the country? We swallowed our fears (I buried my head into a book) and drove straight into the mayhem. By the time we reached Brooklyn it was mid-afternoon. We picked Williamsburg to wander around in first. We lasted about an hour before it got dark and wandered back to the Nugget and parked it in another Brooklyn borough and met my friend from college for drinks at the Brooklyn Inn (perfect bar by the way). She is pretty great and has an awesome job working at Martha Stewart Living. She runs Martha's social media and her stories are so fun to hear. She was even on the Today Show with Martha just recently! Anyway, we drank at a dark cozy bar and did our best to pretend we were Brooklynites before wandering off to bed in the Nugget. Cool thing about Brooklyn is that parking is free with no time restrictions. We found some beautiful brownstones, parked our ugly RV in front, and had a peaceful night sleep. How's that for wild camping!

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