road trip day 49: sanibel and captiva to homosassa springs

Outside of Naples, Florida are two small islands called Sanibel and Captiva. They are picture perfect. Situated on the gulf, each island is known for its incredible shells. So we did what the locals call the "Sanibel Sloop" and roamed the beach for shells. Its hard to do these islands justice with words, but i'm pretty sure the people who live on them have life figured out.  I imagine they walk out their door and spend their days either in the water or on the beach and walk back at night to their quaint little cottages.

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After the islands, we drove until we were tired and hungry, stopping at the nearest state park, which happened to be Homosassa Springs. In the winter, Manatees swim up the rivers to get to these natural springs located in central Florida, where the water stays a consistent 72 degrees. We unfortunately did not see any manatees, but we did see "watch out for water moccasins" signs,  which sufficiently creeped us out. As for the state park, it was ok but nothing to write home about.

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