roadtrip day 54-57: austin, texas

The charms of The Nugget were quickly fading away. Without a bathroom, and the cold weather freezing our mattress at night, we decided it was time to head back to Seattle to figure out our next plan. So we decided to give ourselves a little over two weeks to make it from Louisiana to Seattle. We sped through the rest of Louisiana, with a pit-stop in Layfayette. Then we hit the road, beelining it to Austin. As we crossed the border into Texas, things just appeared larger. The scenery opened up and the road straightened out. We couldn't wait to see what Austin was like.

One of the many Austin foodtrucks

Getting our first taste of Texas BBQ at the Green Mesquite.

Austin was PERFECT. At almost 80 degrees, we were able to get on our bikes and explore the city, from Zilker Park to South Congress Street. We both couldn't get over how much stuff there is to do in this town! I liked best that there were so many people outside, running, or biking, or kayaking! 


  1. I have heard good things about Austin! I've heard the food scene is great that it's pretty culturally vibrant. That sounds awesome to me - I bet the warm weather doesn't hurt either. I love your blog, by the way, I'm just coming back to blogging after a long hiatus and have a loooot of catching up to do! I always love to make blog friends who love travel as much as I do!

    <3 Daryl

    1. Thanks Daryl for stopping by! Glad you like the blog and can't wait to catch up with yours as well!

  2. in loooove. felt like i was driving along with you!

    1. Thanks Taylor! We've definitely hit a lot of places!


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