road trip day 61: arizona

We were making good progress, but we couldn't outrun the chill. Arizona happened to be just above freezing and we were getting too tired to push on. We drove through two reservations, without another car in sight for over three hours. When we finally emerged into a valley with a few stores (Globe, Arizona to be precise), where we stopped at a Walmart to spend another frigid night.

My dad's side of the family is from Arizona and I found out later that Globe was where my Grandmother was born and raised. Her mother was also from Globe and had grown up riding horses bareback to school and her father had been a prospector.

It was pure coincidence we had spent the night in Globe, but i'm glad we did, because uncovering a bit of family history was priceless.

Outside of Globe we made a detour to a genuine ghost town. It was completely deserted, and wandering around the place by ourselves made it feel as if we were in an old western movie. I kept imagining an old cowboy was going to stroll through on his horse, guns blazing. 

The ghost town is called "Goldfield" and is located East of Phoenix, if you ever want to visit.

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  1. Hey A & B :) thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so impressed by the road trip you are making (and the other travelling you've don in the past). Looks like that must be a pretty special experience!

    Beautiful pictures and I'll definitely put that ghost town on my list of things to see in Arizona!


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