road trip day 62: joshua tree, california

We arrived at the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park at dusk, but we didn't have a campsite reserved so we decided to drive straight through the park and see if there were any sites open. Joshua Tree is a stunning desert landscape, full of ornate cactus and pastel hues. Unfortunately, every campsite we passed involved a lot of sand and there was no way the Nugget would be able to drive forward, so we continued on and out of the park, into Yucca Valley.

Our friends, who had been through Joshua Tree earlier this year told us about this great little bar out in the sticks of Pioneertown, California (that's a real place). It's called Pappy and Harriets, and I feel like i'm spilling a secret, but this one is definitely worth sharing. Stepping into Pappy and Harriets feels like walking into an iconic old Western bar, one that you knew could have existed 100 years ago, but didn't realize was still standing, much less operational. They have nightly live music and sometimes famous acts will pop in to play (I've heard Dave Matthews was there recently).  We listened to a band called Brawley, which was great. 
After leaving Pappy and Harriets, we spent another chilly night in a Walmart parking lot (pretty sure it is the 50th parking lot we've slept in). The next morning we dropped down into Palm Springs and went on a little hike.

After a few hours in Palm Springs, it was time to get moving, this time to Camarillo, California.

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  1. this is such a cool adventure. a good blend of roughing it plus finding little gems like that bar! sounds like these adventures are going to make for some really good stories.


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