day 63-65: pacific coast highway

California is the ideal road trip state. Varied terrain, small and large cities, and coastal towns make for an interesting drive, no matter what part of this state you hit. We decided to follow the iconic route 101 and the highway 1, which hugs the ocean.

We spent one night in Camarillo visiting friends and then headed up towards Santa Barbara before cutting inland to check out vineyards and the town of Solvang, California's "Danish Village". 

After Solvang, we headed back towards the water, stopping in Carmel, which is my new favorite town. While in Carmel, I felt as if I was strolling in a Southern Italian coastal town, it really is that picturesque.   

Along highway 1, we pulled over at a popular beach for sea lions, and watched them sunbathe on the beach. In the distance, we could see white puffs of air being blown from whales.

We also stopped at Mcway Falls in Pfiefer Big Sur State Park, where the waterfall hits directly on the beach. The water is stunning here, a perfect shade of turquoise. 

After a long days drive, full of great detours, we decided to pull over in Capitola, at a camp site above the town. We would have never heard of Capitola if it wasn't for our friends driving the same route a few months before us. If you are heading up the 1, definitely stop by here.

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