road trip day 66: san francisco to seattle

San Francisco...the last stop on this epic road trip. It was bittersweet knowing that this was our last day on the road, but we were anxious to see our friends and family and to sleep in a warm bed!

We parked the Nugget on the outskirts of the city and took a train in. We started wandering around San Francisco, with no agenda or goals. We were just there to explore and soak it in.

We of course had food on the brain and found a treasure trove of great restaurants in the ferry building marketplace. After we had our fill, we walked along the waterfront, popping into stores here, and tasting wine there. We were very lazy tourists and didn't seek out any of San Francisco's tourist attractions.  I think that three months of traveling had given us the ability to feel comfortable and understand each new city very quickly.  The downside of all that traveling, is the big cities start to lose their uniqueness, and you crave visiting the smaller, more forgotten parts of this country.

Our plan was to retrieve the Nugget later that night and then drive until we felt tired. Hopefully making it into Oregon. Brian had other plans on his mind though, because he started driving and didn't stop until we reached Portland. He drove the entire night through, as I rolled around in our makeshift bed. The day after visiting San Francisco, we made it to Washington.

Sunrise in Oregon:

67 days later, we were back in Seattle, feeling like our trip was a blur. Traveling makes time move in hyperspeed and it's hard to come back and really explain what you've seen or done. We retired the Nugget, which had made it around the entire perimeter of the United States, a miracle in itself! Someday we might upgrade vehicles (something with a bathroom would be nice) but for now, we have no plans to go back on the road any time soon.

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