top casinos to visit in america

Wherever you go in the states, there will always be casinos.  Whether it be north, west, east or south you will always find a casino, and not just any casino, world class casinos are scattered throughout the country.  Casinos are big business in America, and many people visit the states to enjoy these great casinos while on holidays.  If you’re looking for the best casinos in the world, Las Vegas is of course your first choice, but if you can't jet off to Vegas for the weekend, Gaming Club online casino games and other gaming sites provide a second best.


If you do find yourself planning a Vegas vacation, it is home to the most spectacular casinos and hotels in the world. However,  the casino that stands out from the rest is The Bellagio.  Its extreme luxury and class and incredibly exciting game floor make the Bellagio a Las Vegas icon. The rooms all come with views to die for and are top notch when it comes to supreme comfort and style.

Even if you don’t fancy visiting Las Vegas, you can always go to another city with great casinos to choose from, like Atlantic City. However, my personal favorite is definitely the Borgata Casino, whose floor is filled with every game you could possibly imagine playing.  It’s sure to keep you occupied during your stay.

*piece was written for A&B by David Healy

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