what I want: carry-on bags

Every time I plan a trip, I have the worst time figuring out what kind of purse I want to bring. Usually, I want my travel purse to act as a camera bag, carry-on bag, beach bag, and sightseeing bag all rolled into one. Unfortunately this either doesn't exist or I need to narrow my "list." But I'm pretty sure that these bags could come close to tackling all of my travel needs: 
Travel Bags


  1. ooh yes! i love that 3rd one, the marc jacobs one. it's cute and i definitely need that shoulder strap when trekking across airports.

  2. I always struggle with this exact same thing, but those look like some great options!

  3. looove these! wish i had an extra $500 for that marc jacobs one... ;)

  4. these are fantastic. I def need one as well. love that military bag!

  5. I'm a sucker for any bag with a cross body strap so of course I love the fifth one. But I find the #handsomestranger bag too hilarious to pass up as well :) my advice...get both?

  6. I say you can never go wrong with the Longchamp Pliage shopping bag and it is very affordadle. Or, the LV neverfull :)
    but crossbodys are my go-to bag if I am going somewhere I don't know all that well

    xo Cassy

  7. Ooo, I love the three on the right-hand side! They are perfect for travelling.


  8. Love this Post! So true, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about this when I travel too ( okay maybe stress over a bit) LOL!


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