new york photos round 1

A few weeks back on our Puerto Rico trip, we decided that we wouldn't fly straight home, and instead we would head to New York for a few days. After much arrangement and a canceled hotel, we landed in New York on December 30th, spent the night by the airport and then made our way into Manhattan the following morning. We spent the next two days walking around New York and taking photos, while almost freezing to death, but it was worth it! New York is always exciting, no matter the weather. Here are a few shots from our brief stay (more to come):


 We found the BEST PANCAKES EVER while we were in New York at the Clinton St. Baking Company. If you make it to New York, definitely try their banana pecan pancakes, they achieve a perfect level of "fluffy-ness" and the maple syrup must have drugs in it because I had to stop myself from drinking it.


  1. These New York photos are awesome! I really like the black and whites!

  2. I think it's so awesome that you decided to take this detour! And how cool to be in NY for NYE!


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