road trip day 28: salem, massachusetts

We couldn't have thought of a better place to spend Halloween than Salem, Massachusetts, home of the Salem witch trials. We were finally reunited with our friends and avid travelers, the Winters, who were going to spend the next couple of days with us exploring Salem and later Boston. We reunited and then got down to business comparing our trips and RV's. They are traveling in a Westfalia, and are definitely way more hard core than us at this traveling business! We broke down and stayed in hotels for a few nights, but they stayed at Walmart all along the way!

While in Salem we did the typical halloween touristy things...We went on a night tour of Salem, led by a real live witch (or so he claimed). We also did a haunted house, witnessed a few palm readings, and got accidentally caught in a witches circle (whatever that is).  It was all in good fun, but i'm pretty sure a majority of people there were claiming to be legitimate witches, although I would have been much more thrilled if they were all the Harry Potter variety of witches, waving wands and drinking butter beer while talking with their owls. No, none of the witches in Salem were even remotely interesting, they all just slunk around wearing polyester capes and waving sage in the air, I mean I could have even done that! Anyways, for Halloween we dressed up in the easiest possible manor. I was a cat, because I could wear yoga pants all day, which is always great in my book, and Brian was a pretty wicked Kurt Cobain. We pretty much had to dress up, because if you aren't dressed up in Salem, i'm pretty sure you would be on the receiving end of some bad omens or something.  Salem is definitely a trip, and at Halloween, its probably the weirdest spot on earth, but we had a great time, saw some great costumes, and enjoyed the company of our friends.


  1. Looks amazing and SO much fun!! How i LOVE road-trip! just been back from a 6 weeks road-trip across CA, AZ & NV and i had such a blast :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Halloween and so I think I would love to be in Salem for the festivities and weird vibes. Sounds fun, and it's great that you can meet up with friends like that!


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